The great outdoors – Immerse yourself within the Noosa Everglades

Noosa's great outdoors - Noosa Everglades

Did you know that the Noosa Everglades are one of only two everglades’ systems on Earth? One is right here in Noosa and the other is in Florida.


If you’re planning your adventure into the great outdoors, then the Noosa Everglades are one of the greatest natural wonders!


Come and discover this unique environment that has remained relatively untouched and is one of Australia’s most diverse ecosystems. It’s an explorer’s treasure map, a photographer’s muse, a nature enthusiasts Eden and a humbling environment for all!


Are you eager to lean more and explore the Noosa Everglades next time you’re here? Then read on and make it your reality…


What are the Noosa Everglades?


The Noosa Everglades are a tropical wetland stretching across two UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, Noosa and Great Sandy. Due to the perfect, clear reflections of the trees and sky in the calm water, it’s known as the ‘River of Mirrors’, 60km of immaculate waters, incredible flora and fauna and winding, narrow waterways – impressed?


Like a lot of Noosa, it’s unbelievably beautiful. Lined by scented tea tree forests, giant banksias and floating lily pads, the Noosa Everglades is the ultimate natural spa and a sanctuary for the soul. Therefore, you’ll be thrilled to learn that this world of water, wilds and wonderment is the only everglades system in the world where you can safely swim – no alligators here!


As one of Australia’s most diverse ecosystems, it’s home to over 40% of Australia’s bird species. So, you should see pelicans, cormorants, eagles, osprey, and maybe even the rare jabiru and glossy black cockatoo.


How to experience the Noosa Everglades


There are several ways to experience the everglades, either with guided or self-guided kayak tours, a guided boat tour, in your own boat or on foot.


Kayak tours


Discovering the area by kayak is one of the most personal ways to immerse yourself in the ecosystem and see the local animals and plants and giving you the chance to glide effortlessly through the network of rivers. There’s a selection of guided and self-guided tours from Boreen Point, including Kanu Kapers – an award-winning eco-tourism team offering guided half-day and multi-day tours and the option to explore yourself.


Boat rides and tours


If you’d rather just relax and give all your attention to sightseeing and to explore the lower Noosa River, choose from one of the many boat rides that depart from Noosaville every day. During your trip, you’ll hear expert commentary about the Noosa Everglades as you experience some of the surreal scenes firsthand. Or take a boat trip from Boreen Point or Elanda Point, the gateways to the upper Noosa River, the Noosa Everglades and the Great Sandy National Park to explore these ancient waters deeper. You can even hire your own boat and take a self-drive tour!


Kite Surfing


For the thrill seekers, how about taking to the waters on a kite surf? Lake Cootharaba is one of the lakes within the Noosa Everglades, which is ideal for kite surfing, sailing or paddling.


You can explore the area by foot and meander along the network of trails that weave in and out of the everglades. Check out the beautiful track that runs between Elanda Point and Mill Point, which takes in some of the area’s best sights.


How to get to the Noosa Everglades


Depending on how you want to explore and for how long, it’s easy to get to, especially if you’re already staying in Noosa! Noosaville Boat tours start from the lower Noosa River and travel up to Lake Cootharaba.


Kayak tours leave from Boreen Point, which is about 25 minutes’ drive from Noosa Heads and boat tours leave from Elanda Point, a further 2km along. If you’re travelling on your own boat, head into the upper reaches of the Noosa River, through the lakes system and away you go!


Ready to explore the great outdoors in the Noosa Everglades?


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