Weather in Noosa

Knowing a little but about the weather in Noosa is helpful to plan your perfect Noosa holiday. Read on for a summary of the key facts in relation to the weather in Noosa and what makes each season so special.

Temperature in Noosa

Average day and night temperatures in Noosa are consistently between c10°C (winter evenings) and c30°C (summer days).

Sea water temperature in Noosa


The maximum sea water temperature in Noosa is  26 to 28°C (79 to 82°F) in summer and around 20 to 22°C (68 to 72°F) in winter.

When can you swim in the ocean Noosa?


Unlike many tropical destinations it is ok to swim year-round in Noosa. There are no poisonous Box Jelly Fish in summer, as in tropical north Queensland. Spring, summer, and autumn present ideal weather for swimming in Noosa. Swimming in the ocean in Noosa in winter is a personal choice and many guests swim year-round.

Monthly hours of sunshine in Noosa


The monthly hours of Noosa sunshine are slightly more from the months of August to January, being around 250 hours. The hours of Sunshine from around February to July, are around 200 hours per month. The lowest in June is just under 200 hours per month that compares to Melbourne, at around 125 hours per month in June. Or Sydney, at around 175 hours in May.

Rainfall patterns in Noosa


Being in the subtropics, the weather in Noosa brings more rain in summer and autumn than it does in the dryer months through winter and spring. Rainfall peaks around February with just under 200mm. September has in average the least rainfall with around 60mm.