Little Cove Accommodation

“Little Cove is a leafy paradise flanked by lush national park greenery and picture-perfect Little Cove Beach.”

Little Cove is a prestigious Noosa suburb nestled around the foot of Noosa Hill between Noosa’s Main Beach and Noosa National Park. This 100m long, tree-hugged, sheltered, sandy beach is a jewel in Noosa’s crown. It is famous for its sparkling clear, calm water with ideal surf breaks. Little Cove Beach is the perfect spot to take the family. Book your Little Cove Accommodation, pack a picnic, your snorkelling gear, surfboard, kayak, boogie boards, spade & bucket – it’s the perfect beachside getawau.

Snorkel amongst the fish and turtles. Bring your longboard and get the hang of surfing before you venture out to Noosa’s famous break points. The waves here are around .5 of a metre so this is a fantastic place to learn to surf.

From Little Cove Beach, a 5-minute walk east along the Coastal Boardwalk brings you to the Noosa National Park.
Head the opposite direction on the Coastal Boardwalk and in 5 minutes you’ll reach Noosa’s Main Beach and famous Hastings Street.

Little Cove Accommodation 

Little Cove accommodation provides an enchanting escape for those seeking a secluded and upscale retreat in Noosa. Nestled within the lush greenery and granite cliffs of Little Cove, this accommodation option offers a range of luxurious villas, apartments, and resorts. Guests are treated to breathtaking ocean views, private beach access, and a serene atmosphere that makes it an ideal choice for couples and travellers seeking tranquillity.

With its proximity to the Noosa National Park and the vibrant Hastings Street, Little Cove accommodation allows guests to enjoy the best of both worlds – relaxation and easy access to the bustling heart of Noosa. Whether you’re sipping coffee on your private balcony or strolling along the pristine beaches, our accommodation promises an unforgettable experience in this coastal paradise.

Kick off your shoes and experience firsthand why this relaxing, secluded beach with its stunning views tops the favourites list.

Within a minute, from any of our Little Cove holiday home and apartments, you can be on the beach and in the water. How truly perfect is that?

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