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Noosa Personal Chef is run by local husband and wife team – Brazilian chef Raphael and fitness coach, and nutrition specialist, Melissa. Together they combine their love of food and nutrition to offer guests the convenience of in-house meals.


This is a Noosa private chef with a range of services – from assistance with meal preparation through to complete private dining experiences.  Noosa Personal Chef services include:


Personal home chef – experience the indulgence of your own in-house Noosa private chef.


Health focused catering – healthy, nutritious meals delivered to your door.


Private dining and events – to impress your guests with the perfect dinner party experience.


BBQ degustation – the team bring the best of Brazilian BBQ cuisine to your door with an Australian flavour.


We caught up with Melissa recently to ask how this dynamic duo came to be in Noosa, running this unique style of business.


What motivated you and your husband to live in Noosa?


Living in Noosa for the last 16 years I have seen Noosa transform from a quiet little beach town to now a tourist loving destination. We have some of the best beaches in the world, amazing cuisines, great surfing and an upmarket but still relaxed vibe.


As a true local I have always loved Noosa for its calm beach vibes it represents so well. My husband moved to Australia 9 years ago from Brazil and chose Noosa for these very reasons.


What do you want to offer to people visiting Noosa?


We cater for many local customers however we also cater for many traveling customers coming to Noosa to relax and enjoy time away from their daily life stresses. We offer a unique service designed to not only help busy families but also to enhance our customers’ vacations.


A very popular service for holiday makers to receive is our ‘In home or delivered premade meal service’. This service will stack your fridge with breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even snacks for you and the family; basically, whatever meals/snacks make your life easier we are here to assist and cater for you.


Our other service that is popular with holidaymakers is our catering services. Whether you are hosting a party, celebration, event or are just wanting a private chef dining service we are here to ensure your stay is extra special.


What do your Noosa Private Chef services include?


Whether you are looking for a personal home chef, private dining service, event services or meal prep options we are here to cater for your needs.


All our services are created to ensure your day/night is 100% hassle free. Relax and enjoy knowing everything is looked after: Cooking, plating, serving and even cleaning in all services.


Personal chef – Fill your fridge for the whole family for the week: Head Chef Raphael will come to your home or cook on site and deliver to your home. Raphael will then cook all your food, plate into dishes or containers and even clean your kitchen. You will not only be getting a qualified chef at your service but also a fully qualified nutrition specialist at no extra charge to ensure during your free initial consultation that all your needs/goals are met.


Dinner party/ Tapas catering/ Event catering – Whether you are hosting a celebration, event or even just a home dinner party, we are here to ensure your day and or night is enjoyed 100% stress free. Big or small we are here to cater for your needs. Cutlery, glass wear, plates, full clean, extra staff if required and rubbish removal all included.


Brazilian BBQ degustation – Our head chef Raphael (from Brazil) has created the Aussie/Brazilian BBQ experience to wow any crowd. Inspired from the delicious authentic Brazilian flavours with an Aussie twist. We can cater this BBQ for small or large groups. Cutlery, glass wear, plates, full clean, extra staff if required and rubbish removal all included.


Specialised health catering and events – With our fully qualified Ayurveda gut health coach as part owner, you will not only be getting a qualified chef at your service but also a fully qualified nutrition specialist at no extra charge! Whether you are hosting a health retreat or simply would like to host a health focussed dinner party we are here for your needs.


How did you and Raphael meet?


I first met Raphael when he responded to an advertisement I had on Gumtree when I was looking for a female housemate and Raph was looking for a room to rent (who needs Tinder when you’ve got Gumtree?!).


Not the type to let an opportunity pass him by, he applied for the room under the cheeky guise of Rachel. Loving his energy and tenacity I offered him the room and so began our fairy-tale romance. Fast forward to now we have two companies together, purchased a house in Noosa and are married.  We are bound by a love of the ocean, cooking, health, and surfing!


How is your service special?


We provide a unique service not only with Raphael’s expertise in being a chef. But also, with my background in gut health, nutrition, and fitness coaching. Combining our knowledge and experience enables us to assist any customer. We have many customers who come to us with health concerns, allergies, and the best thing we tell our customers is nothing is too complicated or us to cater for.


We provide an initial consultation with every service enquiry enabling us to design menus and services around any requirement.


Finally, how do you think your services enhance the experiences of guests to Noosa?


Our services enhance guests stays by making life just that bit easier or that extra bit special.


Our personal chef meal prep service assists guest’s holidays with money and time, our customers are then not either constantly spending money eating out for every meal as well as not wasting time cooking and preparing food for the family.


Our catering service enhances guests stay by providing services for many travellers’ special occasions. This could be a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or simply just to spoil their spouse.


How to book


To book one of the Noosa Personal Chef services, please visit their website and book directly at or call 0412 964 129.


Exclusive Offer


Mention that you are staying with Accommodation In Noosa and receive the following incentives.


Catering service: Free silver wear cutlery hire and clean service.


Personal meal prep chef service: Extra complimentary snack options or kid’s meals. 


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