Noosa declared World Surfing Reserve

Noosa Declared World Surfing Reserve

Noosa has been named the 10th World Surfing Reserve, recognising decades of best practice in coastal management and protection that have resulted in Noosa’s international reputation as one of surfing’s natural wonders.

Noosa is only the third Australian World Surfing Reserve, following in the footsteps of Sydney’s Manly Beach (2012) and the southern Gold Coast (2016).

Noosa National Surfing Reserve chairperson Phil Jarratt said Noosa’s submission recognised the generations of responsible management, thanks to the people who put the first protective layers in place almost 60 years ago.

The status follows a two-year campaign by local surfers since the dedication of the Noosa National Surfing Reserve in March 2015.

It identifies, designates and preserves outstanding surfing environments around the world by recognising and protecting their key environmental, cultural, economic and community attributes.

Now the Noosa surf community has the responsibility of helping to continue that protection of Noosa’s surf beaches into future generations.


As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Noosa is a well-known surfing destination located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. The Noosa World Surfing Reserve is a significant designation for this area. Here’s some information about it:

  1. World Surfing Reserve: The Noosa World Surfing Reserve is a prestigious title granted by the Save The Waves Coalition, an environmental non-profit organization that seeks to protect and preserve the world’s surf spots. Noosa was designated as a World Surfing Reserve in 2017.

  2. Recognition and Protection: The designation of a World Surfing Reserve is a recognition of the unique and significant surf culture, history, and environmental features of a particular area. It aims to protect and preserve these elements for future generations.

  3. Noosa’s Significance: Noosa’s World Surfing Reserve designation is due to its exceptional surf breaks, stunning natural beauty, and a long history of surf culture. The area is known for its consistent waves, making it a popular spot for surfers of all skill levels.

  4. Environmental Conservation: The World Surfing Reserve designation is not only about preserving the waves and surf culture but also about safeguarding the natural environment, including coastal ecosystems and marine life. It often involves collaboration between local communities, environmental organizations, and surfers to promote responsible and sustainable practices.

  5. Community Involvement: Local communities and surfers in the Noosa area are actively engaged in protecting and maintaining the Noosa World Surfing Reserve. They work together to promote sustainable practices and ensure that the area’s unique surf breaks and natural beauty are conserved.


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