Plastic Free Noosa

Plastic Free Noosa is dedicated to safeguarding and preserving the Noosa Biosphere Reserve by empowering local businesses, the community, and visitors to eliminate disposable plastics from circulation.


Each year, an estimated 100 million tons of plastic waste in the world’s oceans leads to the death of over 1 million marine animals, spanning 633 different species.


Noosa plays a crucial role as a central ocean pathway for a diverse array of marine species and wildlife, including the beloved humpback whales, many of which rest with their calves in our bay during their southward migration.


Participating in Plastic Free Noosa’s cleanup events presents an opportunity to connect with Noosa’s abundant and varied environment, while actively contributing to the solution for plastic pollution and the protection of our invaluable marine life for future generations.


Engage in the collection of microplastics and other plastic pollutants from Noosa’s coastlines, creeks, estuaries, and rivers. You can also choose to participate in the sorting and documentation of the gathered waste, gaining valuable insights into the Australian Marine Debris Initiative.


When you visit, make sure to join us for an eco-conscious experience with Plastic Free Noosa, and together, let’s tread lightly on our planet.


Want to get involved? Click here to register for one of the local beach clean-ups


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